The Globalization of the Interwebs

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The Globalization of the Interwebs

Welcome to the internet; I’ll be your guide, as the meme says. Jokes aside, welcome to the internet, a “place” where things don’t quite work the same way as in the “real” world. The internet has, on more than one occasion, revolutionized the world of entertainment and has spawned entirely new industries. It’s truly remarkable, but you can do more than marvel at these new economic opportunities; you can take advantage of them.
On the internet, work can be as simple as having fun for an audience. As bizarre as it sounds, two guys playing video games and talking to each other nets millions of views on YouTube and is a profitable business. Take the following advice with a grain of salt, as not every YouTuber, or any other internet content creator, will be famous. However, with hard work, determination, and some research, you stand a chance of becoming a successful entrepreneur.
As previously mentioned, playing video games for an audience is a legitimate industry now. These “Let’s Players” have a built in audience, because basically anyone who plays video games is a.) interested in that type of content, and b.) already searching for video game footage on YouTube for help solving problems. These two facts are the driving force behind this phenomenon. So, take notes: create something you would want to watch and would have fun doing and something you know has an audience.
Another way to use the internet to make money is by traveling. Yes, a life goal for many, travel can also be profitable. Travel vlogs on YouTube are insanely popular and can be quite lucrative. Again, the same principles apply. Travel has a nearly universal appeal, and people love to secondhand travel by seeing affable personalities go where they can’t. If this is the route you decide to take, let Crown Plaza Hotels save you some money on travel expenses, get out there, and inspire people while pursuing your own dream and making some money.

Technology Drives Innovations: Great WordPress Themes Drive Users

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Technology Drives Innovations: Great WordPress Themes Drive Users

Due to the powerful customization features and easy use of WordPress, many developers have appreciated the WordPress content management system. It allows businesses and individuals to enjoy their experience within the online community. A great theme can make a site stand out from the rest. The the best WordPress themes are fast and affordable and create useful and easy to use websites. These themes have proper user interfaces that are easy to understand and use. This is important for all websites especially social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Users of social media sites prefer sites that they can surf through quickly and easily. The interfaces should drive users by establishing comfort and trust with them. Trust and comfort facilitates the change of prospects into clients for a website.

The customization options in WordPress themes involve the use of sliders, featured blocks, layouts and more on the many available page templates. The themes allow one to change the design of a particular site quickly. There are many thousands to choose from. Getting a perfect theme from the long list is an easy task for any interested person. Other features of these themes include plug-ins that allows the extension of functionality within a site without the knowledge of programming. The plug-ins are many and are meant to assist in all kinds of functionality within a site, like photo slideshows, SEO, and social media sharing among many more.


Users are also driven by the consistency portrayed on a website. All elements on every page must be consistent as users always shift from one page to another. The understanding created on one page is supported by giving the user continuous and similar experience throughout. Relevant information on each page is crucial in order to attract and maintain users. Great WordPress themes consider important factors like form, customizability, cost and functionality. Each one of these factors is important in different ways. There consideration in a theme ensures that a particular site meets the need of the owners and satisfies the users.


WordPress themes are reliable and efficient as they come in various layouts and styles. However, all of them are capable of displaying the intended information of the website in an organized and easy to use manner. With great WordPress themes, users spend less time trying to find their way through a prompted task. Using these themes ensures a site has interfaces that make it easy for users to get their jobs done fast. Users want interfaces that do not frustrate them.

Social media management – an arising profession.

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Not to long ago social media was a thing for those who were on the internet, which was in itself something that was for ‘geeks’ and ‘nerds’. Now it seems it is a difficult thing to go without both personally and professionally. The development of social media has come to the point where Wikipedia lists more than 100 actively operating websites for the sole purpose of networking users together. All of them have different advantages, interfaces, and methods of use. There is enough variation out there that a new type of professional was needed. As with anything that is sufficiently complex, social media managers are intimately familiar with the networks, tools, and the environments within which they work.

One social media manager I am acquainted with can ease marketing demands for your company, locally in Denver or Boulder, Co., or abroad.

A social media manager or professional will bring value to a business by expanding brand awareness and increasing customer involvement and feedback. Social media has a number of advantages that even now are not taken advantage of by most businesses.

As above:

1) Social media accounts for both contractors and professionals can be extremely useful for networking with people who do what you do and with people who want what you do. The same goes for any sized business.

2) Social media allows businesses to interact with customers, clients, contractors, and importantly: potential clients and customers so that the company can learn what it is exactly that their customers want.

3) Social media allows a business or an individual to expand awareness of their brand. Personal, professional, and business branding is beyond the scope of this article, but the awareness of that brand is a powerful tool. It is generally acknowledged that people will move towards what they are familiar with when they are looking to buy, sell, or any other activity that requires a service or professional.

Given those claims, it is easy to see that any business can benefit from even the smallest social media interactions. Brand awareness breeds repeat customers. Interaction with customers breeds awareness of customer needs and desires. And that can result in better service for customers.

Bathroom renovations; an eco-friendly approach.

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Many times the focus of a particular effort does not include the environment. However, there is a growing trend of things typically not environmentally conscious beginning to incorporate that consciousness into the effort. In this case there is a renovation firm out of Boulder, Co. that performs most, if not all, of their work with the environment as their primary concern. I’m going to let his project before and after photos do the talking here. 🙂

You can find more of this fine gentleman’s work here: I’ve heard his customers say something like “He is the best kitchen and bathroom renovation expert in Boulder or Denver, Colorado.

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